Hybrid Heroics

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For months, I’ve been writing that the future of work is flexible. A flurry of recent news articles and company press releases is solidifying this prognostication. Companies are starting to bring people back into the office, but many have determined that a hybrid approach will be necessary for recruitment and retention of the best employees. Some roles will require an on-site presence, but others will be able to work remotely on a permanent basis. It was challenging enough to engage employees while everyone was virtual; how do we do it now that there’s a mix?

In a recent article in Inc., Dr. Bob Nelson focused on the critical importance of employee recognition. Being recognized for one’s contributions and accomplishments has always been a powerful motivator and that hasn’t changed during the pandemic. Dr. Nelson offers a few ways to proactively engage in recognition activities; here are tools to help you find time to do them.

Set a recurring reminder for Monday morning and send an email or make a phone call to someone on your team who went above and beyond the previous week. Use an e-card service to send a funny, heartfelt greeting; ones with dancing animals are usually very well received.

When crafting the agenda for a department-wide meeting, make notes on your copy to give shout-outs, kudos, or other high-fives (virtual or otherwise) to key members of the team. It will start the meeting on a positive note and likely encourage more participation and engagement.

Schedule a 1:1 meeting per quarter with each member of your team to thank them for their work and find out what ideas they have or where they’d like to see their career grow. This may not be possible if you have an incredibly large team, but if you can do it, the time and effort are well spent.

How can you recognize your team’s great work?




Analyst. Alchemist. Artist. Helping businesses optimize their performance. www.how-optimize.com

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Carrie Collins

Carrie Collins

Analyst. Alchemist. Artist. Helping businesses optimize their performance. www.how-optimize.com

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