Personalized Professional Development

Recognizing the importance of professional development is a great first step, but then what? I’ve found that having the following key documents, and using them in an organized and thoughtful manner, provide a solid foundation for professional development that not only develops employees but advances the goals of the organization.

1. Job description: This is a no-brainer, but it can be easy to forget to review and revise this critical document as any of your employees take on new duties and relinquish others.

2. Goals: Again, this should be no-brainer. SMART goals that are assessed quarterly, and fully explored during the annual evaluation process, provide clear guidance for employee performance. Further, any shortfalls will help identify areas for development.

3. Performance expectations: Different than goals, this document outlines key responsibilities from the job description and provides a percentage of time allocation for each. This is particularly helpful if you have employees who tend to focus on one facet of their job and not others, which often differs from what you as the leader have deemed necessary for the team to meet its goals.

4. Personalized Professional Development Plans: I created this document, affectionately known as a PPDP, for each one of my team members to complete on an annual basis. We were able to see what each employee would like to do for professional development activities, compare it to what supervisors thought was most critical, and align the requests with our budget.

When created and used together, these documents help employees understand what is expected of them, strive to meet their individual goals, recognize the important role they play on the team, and advocate for their own professional growth. Providing this information in a clear, concise, and organized fashion means that both employees and supervisors save time trying to figure out what they’re supposed to be doing.

I’m happy to discuss how these documents could be beneficial for your organization and help you get them set up.




Analyst. Alchemist. Artist. Helping businesses optimize their performance.

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Carrie Collins

Carrie Collins

Analyst. Alchemist. Artist. Helping businesses optimize their performance.

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